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We at the Weekly Bargain Bulletin believe that two words are the key to our success in the advertising business... Quality and Honesty. We don't quote the population of the area served and we don't quote readership averages for our type of publication. We offer only our distribution of papers delivered in Lawrence County and parts of Mercer, Butler and Beaver Counties. Our publication is distributed and monitored by the people who know the area the best... the salespeople.

Bulletin advertisers are a special group of people. They normally are proprietorships or partnerships that are closely monitored by the owner. Many times the owners are the ones placing the advertisements. Locally owned businesses are keenly aware of what is happening in their community and can't afford to waste even a single advertising dollar. That's why you'll find their ad in the Bulletin.

But it's our readers that have assured our success since April 1972. Without their continued patronage and support, we could hardly be the most thoroughly read publication in the area. We certainly appreciate our loyal following.

- WBB Staff

Hill House Resturant New Castle Agway