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Why Advertise?

Advertising that Fits You

Choosing a media is often very difficult because it usually involves experimentation. Even businesses in the same industry will find that a different mix of advertising media works better for them than the mix that their competitors use.

Measuring the effectiveness of an advertisement is very difficult. Even detailed ad surveys give only a partial view as to your ad impact. The best way to choose a media is by comparing the numbers. Using reliable figures of a publication's print run, comparing equally sized ads, and comparing equal frequency discounts you can compare two publications fairly.

Use the most space that you can afford to use.

The effectiveness of an ad depends on the size of the ad. It is very simple. The larger the ad, the better the chance you have of people reading it. Many advertisers find that the effectiveness of a larger ad is well worth the extra money spent.

How can we help you?

At the Bulletin, we service hundreds of privately owned businesses and locally owned corporations. These people watch every dollar that they spend and we try to give them our best efforts. We are grateful that they trust us with their advertising messages.

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