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Garage & Yard Sales

  • Ad info. MUST include complete mailing address of sale, sale date(s), sale time(s)
  • 1-20 words: $6.00 prepaid per week
  • Over 20 words: 25¢ per additional word
  • Phone number counts as one word
  • Email address or Website address counts as 4 words
  • Deadline: 5:00pm Tuesday for Friday
  • Yard/Garage Sales Submitted:
    By mailing the ad with payment using the ad blank from the paper or printed from our website home page slide, Put the ad and payment in the mail slot next to the door at the business office, Call business office: 724 654-5529 during regular business hours
  • All ads taken over the phone must be prepaid using a Visa, MasterCard or Discover.
  • We do NOT accept checks for less than $10
  • All ads must include the Name, Complete Address, and Phone Number of the person placing the ad
Garage Sale


We do our best to supply you with a complete listing of possible ads. However, there are sure to be some situations/items/events that are not covered in this website. If in question, please call the business office at 724 654-5529. We’ll be happy to assist you.

The Weekly Bargain Bulletin, Inc. reserves the right to review all material submitted for publication, and to reject any material, in whole or part, which the Weekly Bargain Bulletin, Inc., in its sole opinion, deems inappropriate for publication.

We assume no financial responsibility for any typographical errors in any advertisement, but will reprint that portion of an ad in which an error occurs.

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